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Performing Arts Application 2013 - Disneyland® California

To complete and submit this form you MUST upload your audition materials for a performance or when required for workshop participation through this form. If you do not have the ability to upload your video and photo assets, please use the following steps to print out and  mail in your materials. If you submitted the form succesfully, you will receive a confirmation email.

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To submit video, photo  and application materials via mail, please send to:
By US Mail: Disneyland® Resort Disney Performing Arts DL619B, Post Office Box 3232, Anaheim, CA 92803-3232
By Overnight or Express Delivery: Disneyland® Resort Disney Performing Arts DL619B, 1020 W. Ball Road, Anaheim, CA 92802-1804


Upload media feature not available on all devices. This form has been tested in: Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, iOS 6+, and Android 2.3+. Other browsers may experience issues and may not allow the form to be submitted.

Please read these guidelines before proceeding.

*All information in this document is subject to change without notice. Packages and options are available January 1, 2013 through January 4, 2014.

Basic Information
If someone other than the director is planning your event.
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